The complete timetable booklet for the buses of the Southern Area

This is the second of the series of three bus timetable booklets published by Macbrayne's in the post-war years (Southern, Northern and Islands Areas).  The Southern printed on pink paper, the Northern on yellow paper and the Islands on blue paper.  

The service in this timetable from Oban to Ardrishaig dates from 1913 and was thus one of the earlier Macbrayne's bus routes (the first had been in 1906 from Fort William to North Ballachulish).  On the main trunk route from Glasgow to Tarbert and Campbeltown services had been started in 1929, in competition with Link lines of Glagow, which firm was then taken over in 1932.

By scrolling down through this webpage illustrations of all eight pages of this timetable booklet will be found, covering the times and fares for all of these routes.  You may need to allow enough time for all the pictures to load!


front cover
The main trunk route from Glasgow to Tarbert and Campbeltown, connecting on the way with (a) the service to Carrick Castle (b) at Ardrishaig for Oban (c) and at Tarbert for the Islay steamer.  Additional connections between Tarbert and Campbeltown were provided by West Coast Motors of Campbeltown.   
glasgow - campbeltown
The section of route between Campbeltown and Tarbert is 'protected' because of the services of West Coast Motors of Campbeltown.  Macbrayne's had only the one service in each direction each day over this section of the route from Glasgow. It was operated from Ardrishaig depot and required a night away for the crew in Campbeltown; the crew leaving Campbeltown at 7.00 am were then relieved at Ardrishaig by another crew at 8.55 am for the continuation of the journey on to Glasgow, returning from there at 3.15 pm.  The 9.00 am from Glasgow and the 2.30 pm from Tarbert (worked by a Glasgow crew) provided connections to and from the Islay steamer - as did the Ardrishaig mail steamer from Gourock to Tarbert.   
campbeltown - glasgow
There were various extra local runs between Ardrishaig and Lochgilphead, as well as the twice daily service to and from Oban - one of the earliest of Macbrayne's bus routes having commenced in 1913.    
oban - ardrishaig
The service along Loch Goil to Carrick Castle provided rail connections at Arrochar station.  By 1967 these runs had been shortened to connect with the Glasgow coach at the delightfully named summit of Rest-and-be-Thankful.   
carrick castle
Two pages showing the fares (in pounds, shillings and pence of course).   I wonder, was Tarbet ever confused with Tarbert?   
fares 1
fares 2
rear cover
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