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The buses of the Schmidt company ran two routes from their base in rue Delaville in Cherbourg, the route to Diélette having been acquired in 1923 from an earlier operator M. Gros.
Les bus de la société Schmidt assuraient deux lignes à partir de leur base dans la rue Delaville à Cherbourg, la ligne vers Diélette ayant été acquis en 1923 auprès d'un autre opérateur M. Gros.

January 1931 timetable Autobus Schmidt
Timetable April 1935 Autobus Schmidt
A difference to note between these two timetables is that in the earlier one above from 1931 the Portbail route is operated once a day in each direction by a vehicle out-stationed at Portbail. In the later 1935 timetable on the right the Portbail route is operated twice a day by a Cherbourg-based vehicle running out and back.

July 1935 excursions

July 1935 other activities

Virandeville fete May 1935

A selection of advertisements that appeared in summer 1935 in the L'Ouest-Eclair newspaper.  As well as the bus services, coach hire and excursions, there was haulage and removals on offer too. The Schmidt bus services appear not to have been affected by the co-ordination of transport legislation of 1934.

Une sélection de publicités qui apparaissent en été 1935 dans le journal L' Ouest - Eclair . Ainsi que les services de bus, location de cars et les excursions, il y avait transports de fret et des déménagements sur l'offre aussi. Les lignes de bus Schmidt ne semblent pas avoir été affectés par la législation de coordination de transports de 1934 .

Portbail service advert July 1935
The co-ordination of transport legislation did however lead to the withdrawal of the competitive Rapides de Normandie services in the Manche département at the end of July 1934.

Cependant la législation de coordination de transports a conduit au cessation des lignes compétitives de Rapides de Normandie dans le département de la Manche à la fin de juillet 1934.

Rapides withdrawal 1934

Just around the corner from the Schmidt base in Cherbourg was the office of the SGTD - Société des Transports Départementaux - in the rue de l'Ancien Quai. Their routes went primarily west to la Hague and south to Bricquebec, Coutances and Villedieu. They too offered excursions from Cherbourg (advertisements from 1935 below).

Juste au coin de dépôt Schmidt à Cherbourg était le bureau du SGTD - Société des Transports Départementaux - dans la rue de l'Ancien quai.  Leurs lignes assuraient des itinéraires vers l'ouest pour la Hague et au sud à Bricquebec,  Coutances et Villedieu. Ils ont également fourni des excursions au d
épart de Cherbourg (annonces de 1935 ci-dessous).

SGTD August 1935 excursions

SGTD advert September 1935

The October 1933 timetable of SGTD services in Manche
Les horaires d'octobre 1933 des lignes SGTD dans la Manche
first part of October 1933 SGTD timetable
second part of October 1933 SGTD timetable

It is possible (but not confirmed) that the route from Cherbourg to Saint-Lô was jointly operated by SGTD and the buses of CFN (Chemins de Fer Normands). In the 1934 timetable below the names of both SGTD and SCF (Société Centrale des Chemins de Fer) appear in the heading, both part of the Verney owning group.

C'est possible (mais non confirmé) que la ligne de Cherbourg à Saint- Lô a été exploité conjointement par SGTD et les autobus de CFN (Chemins de fer Normands ). Dans l'horaire 1934 au dessous, tous les deux noms SGTD et SCF (Société Centrale des Chemins de Fer) apparaissent, tous les deux filiales de groupe Verney.

The February 1934 timetable for the route Cherbourg - Coutances - Villedieu - Vire
Les horaires de février 1934 pour la ligne Cherbourg - Coutances - Villedieu - Vire
first part of February 1934 SGTD timetable
second part of February 1934 SGTD timetable

1935 timetable for the Cherbourg to Saint-Lo and Granville route (but is it for SGTD or CFN)?
Horaire 1935 pour la ligne Cherbourg - Saint-Lo  - Granville (mais est-ce que c'est SGTD ou CFN)
1935 timetable Cherbourg St Lo Granville

The 1930s were probably the best years for bus operators, especially those whose routes were part of the departmental transport plan. Years of difficult operation came during the war but the routes continued to operate as best they could. The routes of the SGTD passed to the STN in 1957 (but the long route from Cherbourg to Vire had disappeared beforehand). Similarly the Schmidt routes passed to the STN in 1978.

Les années 1930 étaient les meilleures pour les exploitants de bus, en particulier ceux dont les lignes faisaient partie du plan de transport départementale. Années difficiles de fonctionnement  sont arrivés pendant la guerre, mais les lignes ont continué à fonctionner du mieux qu'ils pouvaient   Les lignes de la SGTD ont passés à la STN en 1957 (mais la longue ligne de Cherbourg à Vire avaient disparu à l'avance). De même, les lignes Schmidt ont passés à la STN en 1978.


Rapides de Normandie was a commercial competitive operation promoted by bus and car manufacturer Citroen in 1932 which lasted for only a few years in consequence of the rationalisation procedures brought in by legislation at this time.  It became one of the three companies that came together in Caen (Calvados) in 1937 to establish Les Courriers Normands (now Bus Verts of Calvados since 1981).

Cherbourg was served by three of their routes, two from Caen (via Carentan and via Saint-Lô) and the other from Granville via Coutances. Rapides de Normandie withdrew their routes in Manche and Cotentin after operation on Sunday 29th July 1934. The co-ordination legislation for road and rail saw their routes netween Caen and Saint-Lô pass to Courriers Normands of Caen, whilst the route from Saintt-Lô to Cherbourg via Carentan and Valognes passed jointly to SGTD and SCF; on the other route, from Saintt-Lô to Cherbourg via Coutances and Bricquebec, buses were to disappear from the middle section between Coutances and Bricquebec for many years until the closure of the parallel Coutances - Cherbourg rail line to passengers in 1970. There then followed a rail replacement bus service which declined over the years to school and college journeys only, but eventually revived under the modern day manéo network in Manche.

May 1934 timetable Rapides de Normandie Granville Caen

May 1934 timetable Rapides de Normandie Caen Granville

May 1934 Rapides de Normandie timetable Caen Vire

May 1934 Rapides de Normandie timetable St Sever Vire Caen

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