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Timetable booklets dated April 1954 and March 1963 for the Holme Delight bus service, provided from 1953/1955 primarily
by two AEC double-deckers, Regent III/Park Royal HDO661 and Regent III/ Willowbrook FDO573. The latter
is preserved at the LVVS museum at Lincoln. The bus route (but not the coaching business) passed to Kime in 1970.
cover of 1954 Camplin timetable
1954 weekday timetable Camplin
1954 Sunday timetable Camplin
cover of 1963 Camplin timetable booklet
Boston - Donington - Spalding timetable 1963
1963 Sunday timetable Camplin
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cover of Blands of Stamford 1990 timetable leaflet
page 1 of 1990 timetable Blands of Stamford
page 2 of 1990 timetable Balnds of Stamford
page 3 of 1990 timetable Blands of Stamford, Peterborough service
cover of 1990 Rutland Flyer timetable

rear cover of 1990 Rutland Flyer timetable

timetable Rutland Flyer Melton to Corby
timetable 1990 Rutland Flyer from Corby to Melton

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This timetable was current in 1933.  Much more activity on Saturday and Sunday than during the week. Despite the several routes
they could be interworked and covered by one vehicle on Monday to Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Some very
modest sized villages like Woodnook and Sproxton seem to have been very well served too.
 The routes passed to Lincolnshire Road Car in 1936.

Crabtree of Grantham timeable 1930s

The example timetables below are for the Bourne to Peterborough and Bourne to Stamford routes and cover a wide range of years.
The Peterborough route started
in 1923 and was the most important for the business as Peterborough grew in post-war years.
When first formed as a company the name was Delaine Coaches Limited with a mixed fleet of coaches and buses.
Since 1995 it has traded as Delaine Buses Limited,
operating with an all bus fleet.

                              Three pre-war timetables to start
pre-war Delaine timetable 1930s
emergency timetable 1939 Peterborough route
emergency timetable 1939 for Stamford via Deeping route
                                  Continuing with post-war timetables from the 1960s
Timetable Bourne to Peterborough route
Timetable Bourne to Stamford via Essendine

June 1961 timetable for the jointly operated Bourne to Sleaford service. From 1961 to 1980 the Bourne to Sleaford route was unusual in being jointly operated with Lincolnshire Road Car service 34, thought to have been one of the first - if not the first - joint pool operation between an independent and a state-owned company. This initiative saved Road Car outstationing vehicles overnight in Bourne. The mileage split between operators was approximately one third Delaine and two thirds Road Car. On Monday to Friday Delaine ran the 7.20, 11.5, 2.0 and 6.0 from Bourne, and corresponding southbound return journeys. On Saturday it was the 7.20, 8.50, 12.30, 2.0, 6.0, 10.10 and their southbound return journeys. Sunday running on 34 for Delaine was only the 5.0 Bourne-Hacconby and 5.15 back with Road Car providing the other journeys.
1961 timetable joint route 34 Sleaford to Bourne

1961 timetable joint route 34 Bourne to Sleaford
                                                         Local town service timetable for Bourne from 1975 (market day is Thursday)
Bourne town service timetable 1975
                               Lastly into the 1980s and 1990s
introduction og the Deepings Flyer route in 1985
1995 timetable cover 201
1995 route map Dellaine 201
timetable 201 1995 stamford to peterborough
stripmap of routes as displayed in buses
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Timetable current in 1933. Arthur Girdlestone (who had driven previously for Whipple) competed with Reliance on these two routes but
gave up in favour of Reliance in 1933, who incorporated the timings in their own services on the routes. One vehicle could cover the
workings on both of the routes in the timetable below. Whipple had sold out to Reliance in 1930 but Whipples Garage in Watergate
Grantham continued until the mid-1980s when the premises became KwikFit.

Girdlestone of Grantham 1930s timetable


Founded in 1922 the firm ran a modest number of bus services to the nearby market towns of Horncastle,
Boston and Spilsby. This 1933 timetable was conceived to meet the needs of shoppers and market-goers.
The bus routes (but not the garage business) passed to Milson of Coningsby in March 1960.
1933 timetable Gosling

The September 1943 timetable below showed little change over the 1933 timetable above except for the second route to Boston via Tumby Woodside on Wednesday; and a reduction in the number of journeys to Boston on the original route from Mareham via Revesby (from six to five on Wednesday and from seven to five on Saturday). The Skegness service was suspended during the war with anticipated reintroduction in 1946.
Gosling 1943 timetable

The timetable below from June 1959 (probably the last issued by Gosling's) shows surprisingly little change over the 26 years since the 1933 timetable above. The Wednesday service to Boston via Revesby reduced from five to four journeys but a Wednesday service introduced on the alternate route via Tumby Woodside.  On Saturday the Revesby route restored to 1933 levels, increased from five to seven journeys again. The Monday route to Spilsby has gone; but this appears to have been reinstated after the takeover of routes by Milson of Coningsby.
Gosling 1959 timetable
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Pre-war timetables for three of Greswell's routes before the move of operations in 1939 to a new base in Victoria Street, Billingborough.
The starting point in Aslackby was given as Church Corner. The Bourne service below was Thursday daytime for market and Saturday
evening for cinema. There was also another Thurday market route to Bourne via Kirkby Underwood.
Gresswell Sleaford timetable
Gresswell Boston timetable
Gresswell Spalding timetable
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The first timetables below are from 1949 with the extension of the routes from the village to serve Folkingham Camp.
Typically they also show the market day type of operation current at that time in the operator's history,
with services radiating from Folkingham in various directions each day of the week except Friday.
(The timing point 'Blue Harbour' in the Grantham Saturday timetable should be 'Cold Harbour').
Kime 1949 Grantham route timetable
Kime 1949 timetable Bourne route
Kime 1949 Boston route timetable
Kime 1949 Spalding route timetable
Kime 1949 Sleaford route timetable
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The pages below are from a modest but undated timetable booklet. From the routes shown it would be appear to have been
published between 1956 (Spalding route discontinued) and 1972 (introduction of daily Grantham service).
cover of timetable booklet
booklet Boston and Bourne timetables
booklet Sleaford timetable
booklet Grantham timetable
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In 1970 Kime's Coaches took over the route from Boston to Spalding previously operated by Camplin of Donington (see above).
This is the timetable from March 1974. This was their first expansion into regular all day daily bus operation.
March 1974 timetable ex-Camplin route Boston-Spalding

In 1972 Kime took over the former Road Car route to Grantham. This was a considerable expansion into another daily operation.

The timetable below from September 1974 shows route revisions and the extension of the route to include Rippingale.
The restrictions on certain journeys relating to Ropsley were to protect the long established Reliance service.

1974 timetable daily to Grantham

1981 saw expansion of the Folkingham to Sleaford service into daily operation as Road Car withdrew from the road.
By this time Kime was also operating
another former Road Car route from Osbournby via Culverthorpe, Oasby and
Welby to Grantham (taken over in 1977).
Hence the reference to connections from Sleaford
to Grantham on Saturdays. Also see the driver's Saturday instruction sheet illustrated below.

1981 Sleaford timetable Monday to Friday
1981 Sleaford timetable Saturdays

Drivers Instruction Sheet for Saturday services, showing the interworking of the vehicle operating Folkingham
to Sleaford
with other routes including both Grantham via Culverthiorpe and Grantham via Ropsley.
A busy day - the only break for the driver being at Grantham from 1115 to 1200.
Through journeys from Sleaford to Grantham possible on Saturdays at 0830, 1025 and 1300.
Returning from Grantham at 0940, 1200 and 1550. Useful alternatives to the limited Road Car service via Ancaster.
Kime Drivers Instruction Sheet Saturdays
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A modest sized bus operator until significant growth in 1960 when the routes of nearby Gosling of Mareham-le-Fen
were taken over.
The first three timetables date from 1974 and 1975 respectively, after taking over the Gosling routes;
the fourth from the pre-1960 era.The Monday market service to Spilsby is included in the Skegness timetable.
Although no timetable page available to display presumed that the original
Coningsby to Boston routes continued after 1960.
Milson 1975 timetable Boston route
Milson timetable 1974 Skegness
Milson 1974 timetable Horncastle and Sleaford routes
pre-1960 Milson timetable
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Pulfrey timetable booklet (undated, probably from 1962/1963 because of the reference to works services for Alfred Wisemans,
an engineering firm in Grantham that seems to have only operated there under their own name for those two years).
Market day in Newark was Wednesday and in Grantham it was Saturday, accounting for the extra activity on that day.

Pulfrey timetable cover 1962/1963
Pulfrey middle pages timetable booklet 1962-63
Pulfrey last page timetable booklet 1962-63

Pulfrey timetable dated September 1982.
Lincolnshire Road Car route 22 also ran from Grantham to Newark
but to a more westerly route via Allington, Foston and Long Bennington.
1982 Pulfrey timetable Grantham to Newark route
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Two pre-war timetables, current in 1932. The frequencies shown for the local routes to Gonerby and Barrowby incorporate
the additional timings obtained with the take-over of Whipple's business (from whom came the rural routes below too).
Girdlestone is still operating on these two local Grantham routes at this time and his business has yet to be acquired.
1932 Reliance timetable town services
1932 Reliance timetable for country routes

Some timetables from 1978 for W J Simmons trading as Reliance, including Grantham town services
and the country routes to Ropsley, and to Bourne via Irnham, Corby Glen and Swinstead.
A complete 1961 timetable booklet can be found here.
1978 Reliance timetable Barrowby weekdays
Reliance 1978 timetable Barrowby weekends
1978 Reliance timetable Ropsley
Reliance 1978 timetable - Bourne via Corby Glen
1978 timetable Reliance Great Gonerby route

For completeness, an example timetable from the Mass Reliance era, dated June 2004, for the Grantham to Sleaford route.
This can be compared with the June 1932 timetable immediately below for the same route when operated  by Rickett of Ancaster.
Mass Reliance timetable 609 route June 2004
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Rickett's route between Grantham and Sleaford passed to Lincolnshire Road Car in 1934 although discussions had taken place
previously for the route to be acquired by Wilfred Simmons (Reliance of Great Gonerby). Rickett also operated an express service
to Skegness as well as excursions from Ancaster. The emphasis of the route appears to have been on Sleaford rather than Grantham.
Rickett Grantham - Sleaford timetable 1932
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Prince Coach Service, undated pre-war timetable but current in 1932.

Their route to Marston left Grantham on the Lincoln road, whereas the
Pulfrey route to Marston left Grantham on the Great North Road.
pre-war Searson timetable

Prince Coach Service, undated post-war timetable, with route extended to Brandon.
Although buses arrive at Brandon and depart immediately the possible use of
a circular route returning direct to Marston from Brandon seems not to have been considered.
The road between Grantham and Barkston was also covered by Road Car services to Lincoln and Sleaford.
Post-war Searson timetable
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The first timetable is labelled 'proprietor J. Sharpe' so can be no later than 1947 when the business became Sharpes Motors Ltd.
The timetable is finely tuned to local needs running Monday daytime for the market and Saturday evening for the
cinema, even distinguishing
between when the cinema in Sleaford had one or two evening performances.
The second timetable would have been current circa 1977, possibly until the end of the service.

earlier timetable from Sharpe of Heckington pre-1947
later timetable Sharpe of Heckington c1977
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A 1982 timetable booklet from Wings Coaches of Sleaford with special offer fares during the school summer holidays.
The timetables are for the alternative routes to Helpringham and Billingborough, one via Heckington, the other via Scredington.
The 0930 trip from Sleaford worked through to Bourne for the Thursday market, returning to form the 1455 from Billingborough.

Wing 1982
Wing 3
Wing fares offers 1982

carrier list Spalding 1936
carrier list Spalding 1936
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